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Silver-themed interior design - 3 silver wall clocks by ardeola

There are many questions that arise when decorating a nice home. One of them is the color dilemma of choosing the shade that would best match the interior.

One of the best colors to choose to design your home is

silver, which is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly sophisticated.

Additionally, the silver tone and the shades together provide elegance and style.

As an interior design company, Ardeola offers various sizes and shapes of silver colored clocks. Each clock is handmade and hand-painted.

1. Medusa silver - Playing with shades and forms

Wall clock in 3 sizes

Three different shades of silver are used on the wooden wall clock. A sunburst form is made up of the lasercut, individually hand-painted components. There are 3 versions of the house decoration available, including large, extra large, and oversized giant clock.

There are various color choices for the Medusa wall clock model.

2. Origami silver - a fusion of minimalism and Japanese aesthetic

Medium-sized Japandi wall clock

The minimalist norcid and Japanese styles are blended to create the Japandi style. Asian paper art and Scandinavian design ideas served as inspiration for the Origami silver wall décor. The medium-sized clock is available and has white and silver colored parts.

There are other color options for the Origami wall clock.

3. Gigantic Sunflower Clock silver - an elegant and classic clock

90 cm / 3 ft in diameter oversized clock

The large wall clock, which measures 90 cm (3 ft) in diameter, is a beautiful piece of wall art for the living room. The classy clock is also available in golden hues.


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