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The decorative Christmas tree's design is based on a real pine tree, and the laser-cut surface was inspired by traditional Christmas decorations. Real balls can be inserted into the cut silhouettes if desired. For that reason, hook holders are included into the design of the Christmas tree. Because the size of the cut-out Christmas balls vary, smaller and larger baubles can be used. The Christmas tree topper is in the shape of a star.


A stackable nesting structure allows the artificial Christmas tree to be conveniently stored. The festival decorations size is 200 cm / 2 meter / 79 inch / 6,55 ft and more sizes are available: the sizechart is easily readable at the images.


The tree is assembled of up to 5 triangular units that simply slip in one another. No tool is needed to mount / dismount the units. 


Each unit has its own legs that make it possible to stay on the floor and is also used to fix it to the next unit. The units are stackable, consume rather small space when dismounted and put back in the box. 


The red ornaments on the photos are not part of the product - it is an option to show how this product could look when decorated.


- structure + star on top: 15mm plywood
- fronts: 4mm plywood


Surface finish: varnished


Color: light wood tone


- 4 unit variant: 160cm (63 in)


Lengths and widths:

60 x 53cm (23.5 x 21 in)


Please note: in certain countries customs duty / VAT might be charged when receiving these goods.


There are two sizes available: 3 and 5 units.

4 Unit stackable Christmas Tree - 160cm / 63 in

SKU: 025.01.401

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